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New version of Standard for Client Servicing and Policy in the field of work with clients are approved in IDGC of Centre, JSC

10 February 2010

Policy in the field of work with clients approved by the General Director of IDGC of Centre, JSC is the main document reflecting interaction of the Company with its clients. The following strategic directions are recorded in the document: improvement of servicing process using up-to-date technologies, development of complex system of work with addresses, providing of territorial availability and universality of the Company’s services even in the remotest areas. The Company makes clients an opportunity to receive information on cost of services, procedure of formation and rate of service payment tariffs, price formation in retail market of electric power, payment for technological connection to distribution power networks in due time.

New version of Standard for Client Servicing approved at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company regulates terms of rendering of services to consumers, determines requirements to processes of customer focus principals securing, and fixes criteria, indicators of services rendering quality. Besides, mechanisms of interaction with consumers through Client service centres, by means of hot line 8-800-5050-115, E-mail, on the web-site of the Company are defined in Standard. Power engineers pay special attention to verification of compliance with terms of acceptance, processing and consideration of clients’ addresses, to development of additional services, organization of mobile Client service centres for acceptance of applications for technological connection to power networks, installation and replacement of accounting meters.

The necessity to change Standard for Client Servicing is subject to striving for improvement of client servicing process and their requirements, and is subject to legislative acts of the Governance of the Russian Federation as well.

The approved Standard for Client Servicing is available on the web-site of IDGC of Centre for detailed study.

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