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The results of Winter sports and athletics meeting of IDGC of Centre, JSC are summed up

8 February 2010

Sports and athletics meeting took place in Lipetsk in sports complex of Technological University. During two days teams of executive office of IDGC of Centre and 11 branches of the Company were competing in swimming, table tennis, skiing race and chess.

The leaders in swimming were found out on the first day already.Aas last year they were the swimmers from Smolensk. By the decision of panel of judges two teams of Voronezhenergo and Kostromaenergo shared the second place. Jury decided not to award the third place due to wide margin from the results of the first three teams.

The leader in chess was the team of Kurskenergo, the sportsmen from Smolensk took the second place, and the sportsmen from Yaroslavl took the third place. “This year the struggle was more intensive, and the competitors were more prepared”, — Mikhail Loktiononv, chess player from Kursk, remarked.

Sportsmen of Orelenergo became the winners in table tennis according to the results scored for team as a whole, the team from Yaroslavl took the second place, and bronze was awarded to Smolenskenergo.

According to the results scored for team as a whole the sportsmen from Tver are recognized to be the winners in the most winter kind of sport - skiing race. Teams of Smolenskenergo and Yarenergo took the second and the third place respectively by a slender margin. Teams from Belgorod, Tambov and Orel were able to show themselves having taken by single medal for the results of their sportsmen in individual championship.

An additional stage of competition was a tug-of-war, which results were not scored for team as a whole. The winners of this showy kind of sport were the sportsmen from Lipetsk and special prize – barrel of honey – was awarded to them by the Director of Lipetskenergo.

Alexey Zelensky, the Director for Personnel of IDGC of centre, JSC, and Viktor Ablyozgov, the Chairman of primary trade union organization of the Company, handed out awards to winners in solemn atmosphere.

Alexey Zelensky remarked: “We became the witnesses of acute struggle and the participants of real sports holiday. Special attention is paid to development of physical culture and sport in the Company. The tradition to hold sports competitions will be continued, as this helps to form team spirit and to strengthen corporate links between the branches”.

Following the results of sports and athletics meeting the sportsmen, which would represent the Company at the II All-Russian Winter sports and athletics meeting of power engineers of distribution grid complex at the end of February, which is held by IDGC Holding, JSC annually, were chosen. 13 sportsmen from Belgorodenergo, Voronezhenergo, Kurskenergo, Orelenergo, Smolenskenergo, Tverenergo and Yarenergo, who took the first places in each kind of sport, became the members of the team of IDGC of Centre, JSC.

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