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Directors of IDGC Holding and IDGC of Centre appreciated implementation of modern technologies in Orelenergo

3 February 2010

Within the framework of the visit the meeting devoted to preparation and withstanding autumn-winter maximum overload of 2009-2010 by Orel power engineers took place. Sergey Zorin, the Director of the branch, remarked in his report that during this important period work is running without fail in spite of severe frost.

The guests saw the Company’s network management centre reequipped last year and visited the 110/6 kv substation “Zapadnaya”, where the first stage of reconstruction had been finished already.


Yury Lipatov, the Chairman of the Committee of State Duma for power industry, remarked: “Orel power engineers are in strong position in consumers’ eyes performing their obligations. Believe me, I have the pattern to be compared. What we have seen today is the bright result of reform of power industry. The State should participate in such projects and promote power engineers in search of investors”.

The substation “Zapadnaya” is one of key substations in regional centre. It powers social facilities, communal facilities and dwelling houses of Zavodskoy and Zheleznodorozhny districts of Orel city. Third part of capacities of the substation is used by large industrial and construction enterprises.

“Startup of phase 1 of the substation is an important step for power supply reliability providing of citizens of city and region. I am sure, that power engineers will meet set challenges and put in commission this modern power facility in due time” — Nikolay Shvets, the General Director of IDGC Holding, JSC, emphasized.

Reconstruction will allow to increase the substation capacity from 50 up to 126 MVA and perform technological connection of new residential microdistricts Zarechensky in Orel and Landshaft in Orel region.

Alexandr Kozlov, the Governor of Orel region, highly appreciated the work of power engineers of IDGC of Centre, JSC: “Certainly it is a breakthrough for Orel region. Surely investors may be invited into these districts now. Let them come and work, capacity is enough for them”.

As of now the first power transformer of 110/10/6 kv of 63 MVA capacity is under load at the substation, building of closed distribution device of 6 kv integrated with substation control house has been constructed. Within the year 2010 the second start-up complex will be put into operation.

Evgeny Makarov, the General Director of IDGC of Centre, JSC, remarked the main peculiarity of reconstruction of the substation — it is held without shutdown of operation equipment and retirement from service. Increase of capacity will allow developing of residential quarters, industrial facilities, social infrastructure.

Viktor Safyanov, acting mayor of Orel, emphasized: “Work of power engineers influences on activity of other sectors of economy directly, that is why it is necessary to give special attention to electric power industry. I think that bodies of local self government and power industry should work together as we solve common tasks. City executive board is ready to help in reconstruction of this modern substation”.

The power engineers of distribution power grid complex are planning to carry the works to full completion at the end of September 2010. The total cost of project will equal 420 million rubbles.

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