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In conditions of subnormal temperature the work of power complex of IDGC of Centre is stable

29 January 2010

Steady frost keeps in Voronezh, Oryol, Smolensk, Kursk, Tambov, Yaroslavl regions. 54 emergency mobile teams are always in state of alert for providing of uninterrupted power supply.  Certain abnormal situations caused by snow adhesion at wires could be observed on 8th of January in Kostroma region, but all consumers were switched to reserve feed networks immediately, accidents were eliminated. There were no cutouts of socially significant facilities.

From 18th to 25th of January the subnormal temperature with average daily temperature by 14—16 degrees below climatological norm (in January for Kursk it was -8,8 Co) was recorded in Kursk. On 13—28 of January in the night stem of thermometer in Tambov dropped by 15—18 degrees below climatological norm: up to -35,6 Co. Last time this frosty winter in Tambov region was in 2006.

IDGC of Centre keeps working in high responsibility regime. Responsible workers and repair teams were appointed on twenty-four-hour duty in branches of energy company, security measures at power facilities were enhanced. Connection and interaction with local executive authorities, territorial forestry farms, fire-fighting units of ENERCOM of the Russian Federation are fixed for the purpose of immediate elimination of emergency situations. 


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