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IDGC of Centre, JSC wishes customers of the company warm and Happy New Year and Marry Christmas

31 December 2009

During days before holiday the specialists of the company were carrying out the complex of measures to prevent damage to equipment and flow sheets in low temperature operation conditions. Such measures include test of reserve power supplies operation, automatic transfer switch systems provided for socially significant facilities, critical infrastructures and state security objects.

For the period of New Year and Christmas holidays special control over power networks equipment operation is established in all branches of the energy company. For the whole holiday period twenty-four hour service of technical managers of IDGC of Centre, JSC is organized, notification flow chart and calling of Emergency Response repair team in the case of dangerous weather is approved. Clear communication with fire stations is organized. These days all repair works and operational routine switching in power networks of the energy company except for urgent and emergency recovery works are prohibited.

Emergency Rescue Teams will pull twenty-four hour duty, they will be ready in case of contingency situations to eliminate disturbance of power networks operation as soon as possible. All necessary special machines will be at their disposal, defined flow chart of notification and calling of additional mobile teams is provided in case of necessity.

Energy Company urges region inhabitants to exercise caution and personal precautions being in exclusion zone of power transmission lines and transformer substations. Power engineers remind that it is expressly prohibited to cut down and place New Year Trees and to hold mass open air celebrations, to build fires and use any kinds of pyrotechnic products in exclusion zone of power transmission lines and near electric power substations. All works in this zone should be approved by the grid company. Your life and power supply of people will depend on your actions.

The integrated toll free telephone 8-800-50-50-115 is available for customers of the Unified operating company of Centre.

Happy and Safety New Year!

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