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Investment program of IDGC OF Centre (MRKC) for 2009 is adjusted from 6,68 bln up to 6,22 bln rubles

18 December 2009

The adjustment is performed in connection with the transmission volume reduction in 2009 as compared to the tariff balance decisions that have been made in the beginning of the year as well as in consequence of refusal of a number of applicants for technological connection to pay for services. The same reasons influenced on change of investment program financing sources.

Reduction of advance payments for technological connection by 0,67 bln Rubles (–54,59 %) in comparison with the initial forecast was the most significant change. Physical parameters are adjusted in the following way. The volume of input transformer capacity was reduced by 39 MVA (–6,4 %) and amounted to 567 MVA. Input of power transmission lines is increased by 65 km (+3,1 %) and equal to 2 133 km.

Members of the Board of Directors heard and took into consideration the report of the General Director on the state of accounts receivable and measures implemented in the Company relating to their reduction.

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