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Congratulation of Evgeny Makarov, the general director of IDGC of Centre, JSC, with the anniversary of the company

17 December 2009

Our people in regions not only do their work in good faith, but they are ready to concentrate and find the best solution of difficult situations. Now we have entered into the Autumn and Winter period, which will not be easy according to the forecasts, and I am sure that power engineers of each of 11 regions will cope with any difficulties.

In 2009 we celebrate both two significant dates: March 31 is the anniversary of establishment of the Unified operating company of Centre, and December 17 is the 5-th anniversary from the moment of establishment of IDGC of Centre. For the first time in the history of the Company we have put into operation three large updated substations of 110 kv voltage in Belgorod, Kostroma and Lipetsk at once for one year. This year our Company has participated in the hearings relating to preparation of the draft law on power saving and power efficiency increase that promotes safety use of power resources of the country. In November the law was signed by the President of Russia. We renewed the funds of our branches, conduct technical upgrading of power complex subsequently, implement advanced technologies, increase the corporate governance level.

Power Engineer’s Day is a particular holiday. It combines multiyear traditions of our work and the sense of colossal responsibility for peoples’ destiny. Life not only of employees, but their families is closely associated with and depends to a large extent on the work of our enterprises in regions. Therefore, in Power Engineer’s Day we address our sincere congratulations not only to employees and veterans of power industry, but members of their families. Present time is responsible, we work under difficult economic conditions, but we plan to implement many ambitious objectives. We have to do a lot! With all my heart I wish you robust health, happiness and welfare! Let the business, to which we are devoting so much forces and time, will always flourish!
Sincerely, with all my heart I congratulate you with the 5-th anniversary of IDGC of Centre and Power Engineer’s Day!

Evgeny Makarov
General Director
of IDGC of Centre, JSC

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