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Success of the Company lies in efficiency improvement

16 December 2009

The issues of conducting of functional-cost and driver analysis, instruments, approaches and principles of lean production, brainstorming theory and alternative methods of collective decisions were considered within the frameworks of the meeting. Educational trainings were carried out on each subject.

Igor Solonikov, Deputy General Director – Director of the branch “Yarenergo” of IDGC of Centre, JSC remarked: «The system is aimed to improve efficiency of the Company’s activity in the middle- and long-term perspective. Efficiency improvement on the basis of cost management in each branch will contribute the growth of the Company’s success as a whole».

IDGC of Centre, JSC has begun implementation of the project «Implementation of efficiency improvement system of operation of regional grid companies on the basis of cost management system» since 2007. Methods, regulatory documents have been developed. Since October 2008 the efficiency improvement system has been implemented in two branches of the Company: Oryolenergo and Kurskenergo. Currently the project is being implemented in all branches.

The system of rationalization proposals of power engineers preceded the project of efficiency improvement system. Innovation provides not administrative, but intellectual and economically grounded approach. Each employee, who possesses professional experience and knowledge, has rationalization proposal, can implement his ideas by means of participation in the team, development of proposals on improvement of his activity and any process in the Company.

The project implementation must result in the permanent acting efficiency improvement system, which will provide the opportunity to develop decisions on capital-output ration decrease, optimization of operating and purchasing activity for the account of more efficient use of powers and resources, production loss reduction, logistics optimization in future.

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