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IDGC of Centre presented a unique system of the company’s assets management

1 December 2009

Since 2006 the purpose of introduction of such system has been the necessity to create the efficient instrument for optimization of planning process of the Company’s repair programs, distribution of financial assets for implementation of programs relating to increase of power supply reliability of consumers, estimate of indicators of network complex work efficiency. Implications for implementation of assets management system were enlargement of regional grid companies, distribution over the territory and significant number of maintained units, necessity to update regulatory technical documentation database in the field of technical servicing and repairs, considerable depreciation of grid assets and low indicators of electric power supply reliability. 

The main component of the system, which includes automated estimate of technical condition, estimate of risks and impacts on electric power equipment, is detailed classification of equipment. There was no such classification system in electric power earlier, specialists of IDGC of Centre, JSC created it from point zero. Structure of functional locations, which were correlated with the whole organizational structure of the Company (branches, PD, grid districts and units), was developed in the process of formation of assets management system. Pattern units of equipment on each type were assembled and attached to certain substations by the specialists in accordance with statistic and dynamic parameters.

Anton Gerasimov remarked: “Now database of production assets on SAP R/3 platform, which describes practically all production assets, is formed in IDGC of Centre, JSC. At present input of data of trials, measurements and examinations is being carried out, on the grounds of which the automated calculation of technical condition is performed. List of electric equipment, which bears the heaviest risks, is in the worst technical condition and should be in priority included in repair and change program, is determined with the help of estimate of technical condition. Besides, account and analysis of disconnecting is kept in the system, and information on disconnecting according to any terms can be obtained using flexible informative account system.” 

IT-infrastructure comprising 11 branches, 41 production departments, 286 grid districts, digital communication channels are formed, work places are organized, personnel is trained, access to information corporate system is gained in IDGC of Center for the permanent development of assets management system. Integrated implementation of assets management system in IDGC of Centre is planned to be completed in the IInd quarter 2010.   


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