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IDGC of Centre, JSC forwarded more than 16,5 mln. rubles for implementation of environmental policy

20 November 2009

The main objectives of the environmental policy of IDGC of Centre, JSC are minimization of impact on environment and permanent increase of environment security level in the course of production activity. Power engineers conducted systematic control over content of noxious gases from motor vehicle emissions, instrumental control over observance of maximum permissible discharge standards as well as performed works on adjustment or replacement of fuel systemof  motor vehicles.

In 2009 there were works on laboratory analysis of microbiological, radiological and chemical indicators of subsurface and disposed waste waters, integrated treatment of sewage wells and networks, there was control over observance of maximum permissible concentration of pernicious contraries in waste waters. Besides, specialists of IDGC of Centre calculated norms of water consumption and water disposal for economic and drinking needs, took periodic samples of water from artesian wells and conducted laboratory analysis to estimate its quality as well as determined place for organized motor vehicle wash.

As for protection and sustainable use of lands there were measures relating to chemical analysis of wastes and determination of hazardous class, organization of full initial accounting of waste formation, separate storage of wastes of different hazardous classes not to allow their mixing. Within the accounting period there was control over accumulation and temporary storage of hazardous wastes (the 1st hazardous class) – dead mercury vapor lamps. Total volume of financing of programs on protection and sustainable use of lands amounted to more than 1,1 mln. rubles for nine months of the current year.

Instrumental control of noises at the border of sanitary-protection zone was conducted within the frameworks of implementation of environmental measures in the zone of activity of “Lipetskenergo” branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC. Places of temporary accumulation of oil-immersed equipment and ferrous scrap are arranged in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation in “Smolenskenergo” branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC. Works in this direction will be completed in the IV quarter 2009. In the III quarter 2009 reissuance of the license for subsurface recourses use has been completed in “Bryansenergo” branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC. All 11 branches conducted measures on repairs of substation equipment, including change of oil switches to vacuum and gas-insulated switches, repairs of oil receiving devices of transformers, drainage devices, change of oil-immersed inlets to inlets with solid insulation.

In total IDGC of Centre, JSC plans to forward more than 8 mln. rubles for implementation of environmental policy program till the end of 2009.          

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