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Operational control panel will improve the IDGC of Centre management efficiency

17 November 2009

Project on improvement of operational management system using new informational technologies started in IDGC of Centre, JSC at the beginning of 2009.  Due to realization of the program the operational control panel — instrument of support of taking of managerial decisions by the top-management of IDGC of Centre is created in the Company. It renders possible to receive current and true information about different aspects of activity of all 11 branches of the Company, to manage data, to have timely and human-readable value mapping of key performance indicators (KPI) of Power Company for different time period.

Project on development and realization of operational control panel concept included two stages. First of all specialists of SCIENER created section «Realization of strategic goals» of  operational control panel, set it up and started it out for work in test mode. Having made corrections and improved the operating principles, at the next stage the set up control panel was put into experimental-industrial operation.

Created on the base of SAP NW EP control panel renders possible to enter data in accordance with roll access, to delimit status of achievement of KPI control values, to analyze execution of KPI control values showing individual target management subsystems, acting in the Company, to get data on plan, predicted and actual values of KPI for different periods.

As a result IDGC of Centre, JSC got instrument, which improves the Company’s efficiency of strategic and operational management.

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