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Specialists of IDGC of Centre, jsc in the field of management of business-processes have successfully completed professional certification

11 November 2009

The certification implies check of knowledge in functionality and methodology on principle ARIS platform products intended for business modeling and optimization, - modules of ARIS Business Architect 7.0 and ARIS Business Designer 7.0. 16 specialists presenting organizations of financial, telecommunication and power sectors have successfully completed certification within the frameworks of the forum. Officials of the Unified operation company of Centre are among them: Sergey Titov, Head of the Quality Management Division of “Bryanskenergo” branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC, Ilya Sshivnoy, Principal specialist of the Quality Management Division of “Tambovenergo” branch as well as Oxana Zavodchikova, 1st category specialist of the Project Management Group of “Yarenergo” branch, and Valery Zvyagin, Quality Engineer of Quality Management Division of “Yarenergo” branch.  They were awarded qualification of ARIS certified specialist.

Pavel Madyuskin, Head of the Integrated Systems Division of the Management of IDGC of Centre, JSC, and Yury Emelyanchikov, Principal specialist of the Division, shared experience of ARIS implementation into IDGC of Centre, JSC with the colleagues. ARIS is approved in the company as the corporate instrument for modeling of business-processes and used actively at implementation of organizational changes, regulations and automation. IDGC of Centre is the strategic partner of IDS Scheer AG company representing this product in the Russian market.

 Pavel Madyuskin remarked: “ARIS is available for use everywhere and always. Full infrastructure is ensured for successful work. Either officials of branches, so of the central office of IDGC of Centre can work with ARIS owing to the corporate business-server”.

In 2009 projects on integration of this product with other supplements are implemented in IDGC of Centre, JSC. Besides, the work over projects of value estimate of business-processes, automated withdrawal of statements and normative documentation from models of business-processes, on formation of strategic goals, controlling of business-processes is being performed. All this allows determine the current development of the company approached to the high maturity level from the viewpoint of the corporate business-architecture management.

“At present use of ARIS product is extending in the operation company in accordance with growing needs of business, it gives opportunity to implement the very advanced technology in terms of the corporate business-architecture management of IDGC of Center, JSC”, Pavel Madyuskin underlined.

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