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IDGC of Centre, JSC put substation 110 kv “Chayka” into operation in Yaroslavl

23 December 2009


The power engineers of the branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC ― “Yarenergo” made significant volume of construction and installation works, intended for modernization and renewal of the substation. At SS “Chayka” the reconstruction and installation of power electric equipment of open distribution device (ODD) 110 kv were carried out, two bus sections 10 kv and block-modular building were built, and also systems of  connection and security and fire alarm were installed. The substation is equipped with modern supervisory system and automatic electricity metering system, which allow to receive accurate information about state of the equipment and to control the process of electric power distribution operationally.

Igor Solonikov, Deputy General Director ― Director of the branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC ― “Yarenergo” remarked: “Additional capacity commissioning at the substation “Chayka” will provide future development of residential and industrial sectors in Frunzensky district of the city. The most advanced equipment is installed at the substation; it will allow to supply the consumers with electric power reliably”.

Increase of capacity of SS “Chayka” is caused by heightened needs in power capacities of main consumers, in particular, of the branch of the plant “Baltika”, enterprise on production of complete buildings from metal structures as well as of residents of Frunzensky district of Yaroslavl city. The substation “Chayka” will provide with power supply the being built housing estate Sokol, multistoried residential estate “Metallotorg”, motel with engineering services “Youth Centre” and kindergarten, which is planned to be constructed in Frunzensky district of the city. Besides, special automotive equipment plant Komatsu and pharmaceutical plant Nykomed, which are planned to be put into operation in 2010, will be the consumers of SS “Chayka”.

Reconstruction of SS “Chayka” became a present, which power engineers of Yaroslavl made the residents of the city and which was devoted to professional holiday ― Power Engineers’ Day and on the eve of 1000-th anniversary of Yaroslavl city.

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