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Congratulation of Sergey Ivanovich Shmatko, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, to employees of power industry

22 December 2009

Work of man, who devoted himself to electric power industry, whether young professional, engineer, research scientist or top-manager, is equally needed by our country. Close-knit  collective of employees of the industry forms solid foundation for life of millions of people, receiving light and warm into their houses, provides continuous work of enterprises of all branches of economy.

Course of development of native electric power industry, following which we advance steadily nowadays, was paved by previous generations of power engineers. Such indisputable fact, that Russia today is the leading power state of world, is the result of their work began 89 years ago, on the 22nd of December according to the plan of State Committee for electrification of Russia.

Now we set new missions to us. Power and ecological safety as well as power and budget efficiency come to the front. These strategic orientation points of long-term state power policy are laid down in Power strategy of Russia for the period till 2030.

Unified power system of Russia will develop as by execution of incurred obligations on construction of new and reconstruction of old capacities, so as by means of universal application of innovational technologies, implementation of power saving measures and increase of power efficiency of enterprises of electric power industry and all fuel and power complex.

Today we are faced with maximum efforts in order that facilities of electric power industry serve people raising no doubts in their reliability.  

Dear friends!

There are no such situations, which we could not cope with together.

Let me express you my sincere respect and to thank for fortitude and courage, high professionalism and adherence to our common cause.

I wish all employees and veterans of the industry strong health, joy and optimism, as well as constant achievement of set goals!

I wish you and all who close to you be happy and successful!

Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
Sergey Shmatko

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