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The electricity grid connection service has become more accessible to Smolensk residents


Grid connection of applicants’ facilities has been and remains a priority of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division. Steadily growing in recent years demand for electricity leads to massive grid connections. According to statistics from the past few years the most active grid connection was performed in individual housing construction and small businesses.

What is grid connection? At the household level, this seems a simple matter: an electrical cable is laid to the house that supplies electricity, but in fact the grid connection is a big and complex procedure, which is necessary to enter into the strategic development program of grids. In addition, it is a whole range of activities to document and physically execute a project, even if it is a small house. And the service customer is involved in it as well: he must collect necessary documents and perform a number of required steps, details of which are available in a local office of Distribution Zone of Smolenskenergo, Customer Service Centres, via the toll-free direct line of power engineers at 8-800-50- 50-115 or on the site of IDGC of Centre at (starting this year on the company's website you can also submit an application to calculate the cost of grid connection and keep track of its execution stage. To do this, IDGC of Centre opened on its resource the page "Personal Grid Connection Account").

Of most consumers connected to grids of Smolenskenergo last year the vast majority belongs to the category of preferential customers and pays for grid connection only 550 rubles (such right is granted if the amount of the customer contract demand does not exceed 15 kW). This means that the preferential connection is available today both for owners of private homes and small businesses. There are, however, restrictions: a citizen may have this privileged connection within a municipal area no more frequently than once every three years.

Despite many innovations that make life easier for future consumers, the scope of his or her responsibility still includes work, consuming time and a lot of hassle.

Firstly, the applicant must make a list and mark the location of power devices with their capacity, install an electric meter at the point of delivery. Secondly, it is necessary to perform installation of the ground loop and carry out its laboratory tests. Finally, it is desirable to synchronize all of these activities with the work being done in the grid connection area by a grid company.

The grid connection procedure can be simplified and speeded up. Therefore, many prefer "the customer’s part" of the work also to give to skilled specialists of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division, where such a service is provided. In this case, there are no problems with the quality of work or with its acceptance or synchronization of activities with the grid company.

Power engineers of the branch try to do everything possible to ensure for the client in the most convenient and comfortable way. For example, in the provision of the services to replace the meter, specialists of the branch implement the "one contact" principle - that is, they themselves provide professional installation and supply of materials and equipment, and give a guarantee for the life cycle of the instrument - that is, they are in constant interaction with their customers.

To get this service, please, contact the nearest Distribution Zone of Smolenskenergo, the Customer Service Centre at Smolensk, Tenisheva Street, 33, via the free-toll direct line of power engineers at 8-800-50-50-115.

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