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Smolenskenergo informs of planned outages


Dear residents of the Smolensk region!

IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division informs you that consumers are notified of switching off power supply for residential houses during maintenance work in advance through the media, corporate website and local authorities who are obliged to acquaint residents with a list of specific addresses and electricity switch-off dates in their service area.

Thinking of its customers, the branch makes every effort to make the information on planned outages as accessible and understandable as possible. Any resident, who has access to the Internet, can learn it on electronic resources - on the corporate website of IDGC of Centre at (on the main page of the site you need to click on the banner "Power outage") and on the information portal Those who have no such possibility - learn about outages by calling the direct line of power engineers at 8-800-5050-115, where specialists of the Contact Centre will prompt whether the lack of electricity in the house is a planned outage, or connected with any contingency situation, specify the dates of switching on and cause of the interruption.

Please note that in case of planned maintenance, commissioning of new power lines or new power supply equipment, staff of Smolenskenergo is forced to temporarily suspend the power supply to prevent accidents and minimize risks. A schedule of planned outages is formed on the basis of a monthly overhaul plan. Experts of the branch try to perform the maximum possible scope of work at a facility without interrupting power supply to consumers, and work related to a shutdown to perform in the shortest possible time, at a time period when the inconvenience of power supply interruption is minimal.

Now it is the cold season, and many apartments and houses are equipped with modern means of individual heating. Please note that if in the grid connection application of such houses, as well as in the contract for electricity supply there is no information about heating appliances, IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division is not responsible for heating the house. The power supply circuit corresponds to power supply to consumers of category III, for who there may be a break in the power supply for 24 hours a day. For continuous heating for a specified period of time it is recommended to use heaters, the work of which does not depend on electricity or use an independent power supply source.

If power outages are unacceptable, you should apply for grid connection for higher than reliability category III. Please, note that different devices have different requirements for the power supply from the mains system. The currently used classification includes three main groups or categories of electricity supply. Consumers of category I include power-consuming equipment, interruption of power supply of which may result in danger to human life, a threat to the security of the state, significant property damage, disorder in a complicated process, malfunction of critical elements of public utilities, communication facilities and television. For such consumers it is needed to implement energy supply from two independent power sources.

Category II power supply to consumers has some relief in the requirements to the mains supply. It includes such installations and devices an outage for which can cause a significant decrease in the manufacture of products, downtime of production devices and machinery involved in a particular process. In addition, this category of electricity supply, interrupted for a certain period of time may result in the disruption of normal living conditions of a significant number of residents of the state.

And finally, category III is the most extensive group that includes consumers who do not fall into the above mentioned groups. The term of a power interruption is allowed for no more than 72 total hours in a year and not more than 24 consecutive hours. It should be noted that the category of power supply of a facility can be changed when required. All depends on its purpose. If we consider a production area, it is likely to be assigned to the first or second group in terms of reliability, and the category of power supply of residential houses will be the third most frequently.

If you have any additional questions to IDGC of Centre, you may contact us by phone of the direct line of power engineers at 8-800-50-50-115 around the clock or via the Internet reception at

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