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Belgorodenergo: knowledge - the main protection from harm


On the eve of spring breaks staff of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division had an unusual class on electrical safety in kindergarten #70 "Firefly" in the city of Belgorod. Power engineers in a bright, playful way told children of the senior and preparatory groups on safe handling of electricity.

What would result from careless behaviour near power facilities, what hazard the electric shock poses - everyone should know answers to those questions, and from an early age. Leading engineer of industrial safety and production control Tatiana Ryazantseva told what one must not do near power lines and substations: run a kite, catch a fish, to penetrate into premises of a substation, even if a ball flew there.

The children learned "goose" step that they need to move away from a wire lying on the ground, got to know what consequences a desire to climb the roof of a garage may cause, where wires pass. They learned how to protect themselves from harm and help others, tried on real protection gear against electric shock. To consolidate the knowledge the kids together responded to an online quiz.

Many children added to the lesson themselves, having prepared for the meeting thoroughly: they learned poems and riddles, made a "Book-baby" on the electrical safety theme, organized an exhibition of household appliances.

According to a senior kindergarten teacher Tatiana Podbeltseva, such meetings of professionals of the energy company with a children’s audience is one of the most effective means of conveying information to the kids: "We, of course, familiarize the children with the rules of electrical safety, but this form that the power engineers use today is much more interesting. Summer is around the corner, and at such times the risk of accidents increases. I am sure that the children, who today attended the class, learned all the rules of behaviour in the vicinity of power facilities, and they will never fall into a dangerous situation."

IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division does work with the younger generation for the past few years. The power engineers conduct electrical safety lessons not only in schools of the city of Belgorod, but also in district schools, kindergartens, social and rehabilitation centres. In 2014 in the region there were more than three hundred of them. Goal # one for 2015 is engaging into useful pastime even more children and adolescents.

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