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Smolenskenergo summarized the work on street lighting in 2014


IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division in 2014 maintained 47,430 lighting fixtures and 2,728 km of outdoor lighting networks. The work was carried out pursuant to 313 municipal contracts.

In 2014, in addition to maintenance of the lighting fixtures repair of outdoor lighting networks was performed (replacement of poles and wires with self-bearing insulated ones, mercury lamps for sodium ones). In the city of Smolensk outdoor lighting networks were renovated in the streets of Malo-Krasnoflotskaya, 1st Krasninsky lane, Academician Petrov (area of school №17), Novo-Moscow, Frunze, Nikolaev, and Pamfilov.

Smolenskenergo for many years has been replacing mercury lamps to sodium, which are not only more environmentally friendly but also economical. In the past year completed the replacement of lighting fixtures RCU-16-250 with mercury lamps for ZHCU-16-150 with sodium lamps in the yard areas of Kiselyovka district of the city of Smolensk. As a result of the replacement of 650 bulbs in this district the annual savings reached 1.5 million rubles.

But the most energy-efficient way is to replace the lamps to LED. Currently in the Smolensk region 1,853 LED lighting fixtures were installed in the city of Rudnya, the settlement of Ozerny, the city of Dukhovschina, and the city of Smolensk (Kirov Str., General Lukin Str., Moscow highway - exit to the Moscow - Minsk highway, Big Soviet Str.). Work has begun on replacing 2,836 fixtures to LED in the city of Roslavl. This not only saves, but also makes outdoor lighting eco-friendly, modern and efficient.

There is another experience to improve energy efficiency. For example, in Smolyaninov street and Konev prospect in Smolensk at night a special operation mode turns on in which every third lighting fixture is switched off or a row of lamps is off.

Please, be reminded that in accordance with Art. 14 of Federal Law of 06.10.2003 N 131-FZ "On general principles of organization of local government in the Russian Federation" (adopted by the State Duma 16.09.2003) organization of street lighting refers to the local issues of the settlement. Accordingly, when streets of your neighbourhood, town or village are not enough illuminated, street lighting is absent or there are damaged lamps, you should contact the administration of the municipal entity, regardless of whom they belong to and who technically maintains these street lighting networks.

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