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Voronezh power engineers continue their regular work to prevent electric injuries


IDGC of Centre - Voronezhenergo got preliminary results of the implementation of the 2014 Program to reduce risk of injury to third parties at electric grid facilities. The Program included the implementation of a set of measures aimed at providing for the safe condition of facilities of electricity grids in relation to the population, conducting extensive media outreach, including among children and adolescents on danger of penetration and coming close to electrical installations, technical improvement of operation of electrical installations and prevention electric injuries. All of them were carried out in full and on time.

In particular, in the framework of the technical activities of the program, experts of Voronezhenergo replaced bare wire with self-supporting insulated wire for overhead lines of 10/0.4 kV, passing through public places of residents. In total, that work was performed in 93 villages of the Voronezh region. In addition, in public places and near public facilities 1,017 additional information signs and posters were placed (in addition to the required regulatory documents), warning people about the danger of electric shock.

Particular attention was paid to outreach work among different population groups. For schoolchildren of the region electrical safety lessons were organized, during which specialists of the branch told them about how to properly deal with electricity, taught the children the skills of first aid to a victim. Total in 2014 420 such classes were carried out.

During the whole past year, experts of Public Relations of Voronezhenergo produced and published in the regional and district newspapers and on popular Internet resources of the region articles and advertisements to follow electrical safety codes. Memos and leaflets of similar content were distributed among boaters and anglers. During the school holidays in the central Voronezh cinema "Spartacus" before top-grossing animated films videos on the theme of preventing electric injuries were shown.

One of the main challenges that the power engineers resolved through the informational outreach - to inform citizens that the failure to comply with electrical safety can lead to tragedy. One of the best examples of this took place in Voronezh in early summer last year. On June 9, a yacht called "Dream", whose mast height exceeded the permitted size (more than 10 m), which is a rough violation of the rules of navigation in the protected zones of power lines, passing through the reservoir, touched a power line. The incident resulted in injury to passengers in the yacht that with thermal burns were taken to hospital and high-voltage lines of 110 kV №№23 and 24 passing through the reservoir were off. The power engineers informed citizens on these and similar cases through the already mentioned sources and methods.

The branch takes efforts to prevent electric injuries in conjunction with the regional authorities and territorial divisions of federal agencies. In late June, Voronezh power engineers signed an agreement on cooperation in this direction with the Department of Education, Science and Youth Policy of the Voronezh region. In addition, at the initiative of Voronezhenergo, changes were made to the existing agreement between the branch and EMERCOM of Russia in the Voronezh region "On interaction in the field of population and territories from emergency situations of natural and man-made character", aimed at strengthening preventive measures for electric injuries. One of the results of the cooperation between the power engineers and regional authorities was successful conduct in November last year of the regional competition of drawings "Children against electric injuries", which was attended by 220 schoolchildren from Voronezh schools.

In the coming 2015 Voronezh power engineers will continue performing consistent and systematic work in the field of electric injury prevention among residents of the region.

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