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Specialists of Kurskenergo improve their professional skills


Staff development is one of the priorities of the personnel policy of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division. Each year, about 30% of employees of the branch have internal short-term training in targeted training programs developed for each category of employees. This year, Kurskenergo plans to train this way more than 800 people.

Currently in the Training Centre of operating personnel of the branch specialists of relay protection and automation and electricians of first responding mobile crews and Distribution Zones are having their training. Lessons include training skills to use electrical equipment, calculation of relay protection settings, performing routine switching, conducting communications and operational documentation, aid to an injured person. Considerable importance is given to ensuring safe working procedures.

Studies on the themes of the training program are carried out by Deputy Chief Engineer, Dmitry Martemyanov, Head of relay protection and automation, Alexander Ivanov, Chief of Operations and Technology Service, Roman Dryuchin and specialists of distribution grids and occupational safety and production control of the branch. Upon completion of a course each electrician’s knowledge will be tested with the special educational-software complex "Centurion".

"Regular training allows to improve the professionalism of the staff, to reduce injuries, and as a consequence to increase productivity," stresses Head of HR of Kurskenergo Lyudmila Mokrousova.

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