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Specialists of Lipetskenergo checked the communication and remote control systems availability


In preparation for the autumn-winter operation period experts of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division checked and ensured the availability of about 400 pieces of communication and remote control equipment at the key power facilities in the region, as well as tested supervisory control and technological management of power equipment.

Stable operation of remote control systems is an essential element of effective control over the power grid. Automated process control systems allow remote monitoring of the main parameters of the grid and substation processes, managing online modes of operation of the equipment.

Currently, 49% of Lipetskenergo’s substations are equipped with high-tech system of remote control. Their remote control installation will be completed by the end of 2020.

Smooth operation of the Lipetsk energy complex is provided by 40 channels of high-frequency communication, 23 channels of satellite communications, and over 300 data channels.

Lipetsk power engineers have at their disposal about 1,000 pieces of communication and remote control equipment, 500 km of fiber-optic communication lines, automatic telephone exchanges with a total capacity of 3,000 subscriber numbers, 20 digital radio operators’ communication systems, more than 300 devices of uninterruptible power supply for equipment.

176 vehicles are equipped with radio communication, which are used for operation and restoration activities.

"Used in the power industry modern technologies and solutions are aimed primarily at further improving the reliability of power supply to customers. Automated systems allow to set up regular exchange of information and interaction with the remote production sites, with the system operator in the region, which is of particular relevance during the restoration work. Availability of reliable and complete information on the status of equipment and uninterrupted communications are essential for the timely restoration of electricity supply," stressed Head of corporate and technological automated control systems of Lipetskenergo Sergey Pastukhov.

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