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Lipetskenergo held a Youth Gathering

19.12.2014 <img src="/common/upload/img/news/lipets_slet_molodewi_250.jpg" class="cl_l left"  />
<p>The next Youth Gathering, held at IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division, was traditionally aimed at uniting the workforce and development of their professional capacity.</p>

<p>In the first part of the event, held in the form of training, young power engineers worked out the basic skills of communicating and team building. Business coaches evaluated leadership and creative skills of participants in the course of psychological mini-games and activities.</p>

<p>The second part of the event was devoted to discussion of work of the Youth Council of Lipetskenergo in the near future. A new organizational structure of the Council was also elected, including 12 young power engineers led by an expert of HR department of the branch Irina Odinokikh.</p>

<p>"Among the immediate tasks that we have to solve together - creation of the Club of the Funny and Inventive team of power engineers of Lipetskenergo, participation in the All-Russian campaign "Gift to Father Frost", as well as in all the events to celebrate the anniversary of Lipetskenergo. The active position of the participants, unanimity in decision-making, as well as a friendly atmosphere that prevailed during the training, make us believe all will be good!" commented Chair of the Youth Council of Lipetskenergo Irina Odinokikh.</p>

<p>The work with the youth is an integral part of IDGC of Centre’s social policy. Its main purpose is the formation of a highly professional team, ensuring the achievement of corporate goals. To make it the company's branches implement measures aimed at building effective interaction with young employees, development of creative and scientific and technical initiatives, motivation to actively participate in the production and socio-cultural life of IDGC of Centre. The Youth Councils organize their activities in accordance with the Regulation on the Youth Council and the approved plan of activities for the year in scientific and technical, social and housing areas, cultural work among the masses and sporting events.</p>

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