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Voronezhenergo summed up the regional drawing contest "Children against electrical injuries"


In the Voronezh region the annual regional children's drawing contest "Children against electrical injuries" was summed up, organized by IDGC of Centre - Voronezhenergo division with the support of the Department of Education, Science and Youth Policy of the Voronezh region. The contest was held for the seventh consecutive year and this time it became one of the most popular during its existence: it was attended by 220 pupils from schools of the region who presented 273 drawings in two competitive categories (Grades 1-4 and Grades 5-8). The authors of the greatest number of them were schoolchildren from Buturlinovsky, Verkhnekhavsky, Nizhnedevitsky, Pavlovsk, and Ertilsky districts.

Creativity of the children was judged by the jury, consisting of specialists in public relations and engineers of occupational safety of Voronezhenergo. In assessing the works the experts were guided first and foremost with the criterion of originality of ideas expressed in them.

As a result, the first place in the "junior" category was awarded to a second-form girl of secondary school "Mosalskaya High School" (Kashirsky district) Yulia Klimova. Yulia drew harmful mice, for which the game with an electrical outlet became an instructive lesson: the naughty had painful electric shock. The girl added a poem of her own to the work, which ends with the words, "You, little boy, must remember:" Be careful with the socket!" The second place went to Artem Chernyshev, a disciple of the 1st class of secondary school "Uglyanskaya Secondary School "(Verkhnekhavsky district) with the drawing "Uncle Current ", the third to a second-form girl of secondary school "Buturlinovsky Secondary School "Alina Lyashenko "Do not play with electricity!".

In the category "Grades 5-8" a sixth grader Tatiana Sharapova out of high school №18 of Voronezh excelled with her drawing "Do not touch the bare wire!". Tatiana creatively approached the theme on electrical safety, presenting for the contest a 3D drawing. The second place, by the decision of the jury, was shared by Yulia Zatsepina of secondary school "Nizhnevedugskaya Secondary School" (Semiluksky district) with a series of works "Electricity - not a toy!" and Irina Getmanova of secondary school "Poltavskaya Secondary School" (Bogucharsky district) for the drawing "Charger, left in the outlet, can be short circuit!". The third place went to Katerina Nasoil of secondary school "Sokolovskaya Secondary School "(Ertilsky district) with the work "Electricity - not a toy!". Organizers of the contest awarded all winners and prize holders with sets for creativity and drawing, and diplomas. And the authors of the best works were also awarded with valuable prizes.

"The children's drawing contest was held in the framework of an agreement on the prevention of electrical injuries, which was concluded between Voronezhenergo and the Regional Department of Education. I want to sincerely thank the Head of the Department Oleg N. Mosolov for the organizational support of the event," stressed Deputy General Director - director of the branch Ivan Kleymenov.

Voronezhenergo, like other branches of IDGC of Centre, does consistent and systematic work in the field of prevention of electrical injuries. Power engineers inform citizens about the need to respect the rules of electrical safety with the help of the media and popular Internet resources. Particular attention is paid to prevention of electrical injuries among children. For them, experts of Voronezhenergo organize master classes on electrical safety in schools and children’s recreational camps.

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