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Tverenergo warns of the danger of electric shock in the vicinity of power facilities


To ensure technical safety and security of facilities of Tverenergo and to prevent cases of electric injuries to third parties in exclusion zones of power lines power engineers continue implementing technical activities and educational orientation.

At power facilities of the Tver region there are special checks performed for availability of fencing, locks, warning signs. In populated areas near public places and child care institutions, on the banks of water bodies in fishing areas information signs about the danger of electric shock (a skull with the words "Do not enter, danger!", "Fishing in the exclusion zone of overhead lines is forbidden!") are renewed.

Work on elimination of accident-prone defects of poles, wires and other electrical equipment is under way. Tverenergo performs removal of overhead lines and transformer substations from school premises, playgrounds, and areas of mass development. Dangerous sections of overhead lines with bare wires are replaced with self-supporting insulated wire (SIW). The program for 2014 in the branch in this area has been fully implemented. SIW is also used in new construction and reconstruction of 6-10 kV overhead lines in densely populated areas of the region.

At substations availability of locking devices is checked that prevent doors opening, and at 35-110 kV substations perimeter alarm systems are installed, and at indoor transformer substations, transformer substations and distribution substations - alarm systems with output to the control room when the door is opened.

In addition to these technical measures, experts of Tverenergo are engaged in systematic outreach efforts for the prevention of electrical injuries to third parties. The branch "Tverenergo" annually sends memos to heads of enterprises and organizations of all districts of the Tver region with information about the inadmissibility of violations of rules for the protection of electric networks and observance of safety measures in the organization of work near power lines.

In exclusion zones any actions are prohibited that may affect the safety of electric grid facilities, including damaging them, causing harm to human health, property of individuals or legal entities, as well as making environmental damage and a fire.

February 24, 2009 the Russian Government Resolution N 160 approved the "Rules of establishment of exclusion zones of power facilities and special conditions of use of land located within the boundaries of these zones".

Active outreach is also held annually with schoolchildren. Over the past few years in all districts of the region in schools and summer camps lessons for the prevention of children’s electric injuries are held. Teachers are involved to have classes. So, throughout the school year, they plan to conduct lessons and talks with schoolchildren aimed at obtaining and consolidation of rules of safe handling electricity.

Compliance with the rules will not only help avoid accidents near electrical installations and overhead power lines, but also ensure the safety of electrical networks and prevent technological breakdowns. In this context it is also important to remember that officials and citizens, being guilty of violating the normal operation of electrical networks, are prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Tverenergo calls for immediate reporting on any damage of electrical installations and power lines via the STRAIGHT PHONE LINE of POWER ENGINEERS of IDGC of Centre at 8800 50 50 115 (free of charge/around the clock), to law enforcement bodies or authorities of an urban or rural settlement.

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