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Tverenergo continues to tell children about the rules of electrical safety


Specialists of the Tver branch of IDGC of Centre regularly conduct activities to prevent electrical injuries. So, for 9 months of 2014 some 100 lessons on electrical safety were held in schools of the Tver region. In addition to it, power grid facilities were inspected near summer camps for children in 17 districts.

Power engineers recently had a lesson on electrical safety for junior pupils of multi-specialty gymnasium # 12 of Tver. Employees of Tverenergo told the children about the dangers of electric current, explained why it was impossible to touch the electric wire, especially broken, what to do if they noticed an open door to a transformer substation. The children were warned that they could not fly kites near power lines, it was not recommended to play in the vicinity of electricity supply facilities. Younger pupils learned what steps they needed to move to get out of the electric field created by a fallen wire on the ground.

A master class of professionals of Tverenergo with the first aid provision to a victim with electric shock, which the power engineers held with a simulator "Gosha", made a big impression on the children. A lot of the children were happy to try their strength, having practiced the theoretical knowledge in practice.

At the end of the exciting lesson the grid company’s experts gave the children a colourful book "Energolandiya", rulers and posters that will constantly remind children of the basic rules of electrical safety.

"To implement the Program for prevention of electrical injuries to third parties at power facilities Tver power engineers of IDGC of Centre hold monthly electrical safety classes in secondary schools, and in the summer - in recreational camps of the region. The purpose of these events is not only to introduce children to the electrical safety requirements, but also to hold discussions with teachers and educators," explained Head of production control and safety of Tverenergo Oleg Golubev.

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