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Yarenergo obtained its certificate of readiness for winter operation


IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division performed all activities required to successfully operate through seasonal peak loads. At the final meeting of the commission that evaluates the degree of preparation of the Yaroslavl electric grid complex for the winter, the branch was awarded its certificate of readiness for the autumn-winter operation period of 2014-2015.

Deputy Chief Engineer for production control and safety of IDGC of Centre Alexander Zamotay presented the final document to Director of Yarenergo Konstantin Kotikov. As chairman of the commission, he stressed that Yaroslavl power engineers performed large technical and organizational work, which will allow to ensure reliable power supply to customers in the harshest weather conditions. Other members of the commission - representatives of RTN, Regional Dispatch Authority and other regulatory bodies also highly appreciated the level of preparation of Yarenergo for the winter operation.

"Our analysis showed that from 2012 there is a clear downward trend in the failure rate at IDGC of Centre. Technical and organizational measures, which annually the company performs, give the result. If you take the consequences of elements in November and December last year, Yarenergo did not have any interrupted 110 kV lines. This suggests that the direction of the program to expand ROWs was chosen correctly. In general, the results of the inspections indicate that the reliability of power supply in the Yaroslavl branch is growing," underlined Alexander Zamotay.

The preparation of the Yaroslavl power engineers for the winter included a big set of activities. They repaired 20 substations of the main grid, 594 transformer substations and 1,944 km of power lines of all voltage classes. For one of the work priorities - servicing ROWs along power lines - they cleared 1,605 hectares and extended 595 hectares of ROWs. In agreement with the authorities there was an important change in this work. Now, if individual trees in settlements are outside the exclusion zone of power lines, but threaten to fall onto wires, their liquidation is made by forces of a municipal district.

At the end of the summer staff training was conducted, including joint exercises with EMERCOM, the single dispatch service, community services and forest protection services. For use in harsh winter conditions off-road vehicles were acquired: Lada Bronto cars with pneumatic drive, cross-country vehicles Viking and TREKOL.

In addition, the Yaroslavl branch of IDGC of Centre implemented a set of measures aimed at improving the efficiency of the electric grid complex during natural weather phenomena. They relate to the work of headquarters for reliable energy supply; interaction with authorities of rural settlements, meteorological services and forest enterprises; attracting operators and additional work forces; updating the list of socially important facilities; notification of consumers and a number of other areas of work.

Currently, Yarenergo fully stocked emergency reserves and formed the fleet of standby power sources. In this case, all socially significant facilities located in the service area of the branch, with the support of regional authorities, will be equipped with secondary power supply sources at the expense of the owners, and their connection remains under control of the power engineers.

A member of the Federation Council - Supervisor of the Energy Sector Victor Rogotsky and Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl region Natalia Shaposhnikova attended the document presenting ceremony as guests of honour. They congratulated the power engineers on the successful completion of the preparatory phase and wished reliable trouble-free operation throughout the autumn-winter period.

Natalia Shaposhnikova noted that the collaboration of the power engineers and authorities played an important role in the preparation for the winter: "The Government of the Yaroslavl region fruitfully cooperates with Yarenergo. The headquarters for reliability of supply constantly operate, where we solve serious technical and financial issues. Implementation of energy efficient technologies is done in close interaction with the energy conservation fund. Working to reconstruct networks of gardening companies, which is provided by YarEGC, our joint venture with IDGC, is simply unprecedented. Colleagues from other regions are already interested in this experience."

During the meeting the issue of consolidation of power grid assets was repeatedly raised. According to participants, the consolidation of grids in the hands of one company guarantees a uniform technical policy throughout the region and will increase the reliability of power supply to customers.

"I have always believed that the there is no more skilled, more reliable and more prepared company than Yarenergo in the power industry of the Yaroslavl region. At the same time, I consider that it is necessary to reduce the multitude of territorial grid companies with their merge into the regional grid company," Victor Rogotsky is sure.

"If a situation with unreliable electricity supply with networks territorial grid companies arises, we are approached by the authorities, and we start at the first request consolidating these facilities. In this case, the status of a company of Russian Grids, obliges us to respond promptly to any violations of reliable power supply, no matter who owns the emergency grid. There are cases where we serve networks of other owners on a pro bono basis, as they are also part of the unified power system," stressed Director of Yarenergo Konstantin Kotikov.

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