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Belgorodenergo provided electricity supply to 16 educational facilities


By the beginning of a new school year IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division provided electricity supply to 16 educational facilities of the Belgorod region. These include schools, kindergartens, sports complexes, children's art and culture centres. The total capacity of the connected facilities was about 2.2 MW.

On the first of September a new elementary school with a kindergarten in the district of individual housing development "Novosadovy - 41" will open its doors. The institution is designed for 172 people and is one of the examples of the implementation of the cluster approach with the development of social, engineering and transport infrastructure of the settlement. For example, there power engineers laid a 10 kV cable line of about one kilometer and installed a kiosk-type package transformer substations.

The first pupils have already been received by new kindergartens in Valuyki and Stroitel, youth and children's clubs at the Palace of Children's Creativity in Gubkin. Also in Stroitel the sports facility "Olympic" was opened, which will soon become the centre of the sports park, including a stadium, indoor swimming pool and ice rink.

The branch provided additional power to another nine educational institutions needed to increase the effectiveness of training and educational processes. These are thoroughly renovated schools in Gubkin, the villages of Bolshebykovo and Ilek-Penkovka in Krasnoyaruzhsky district, an acting school in Big Lipyagi in Veydelevsky district, three kindergartens, Rovensky Polytechnic College and Gubkinsky Recreation Centre.

To connect the new and renovated facilities to the electricity grid the Belgorod power engineers constructed and reconstructed a total of more than 5 km of power lines of 10/0.4 kV, installed 3 package transformer substations and completed the reconstruction of the closed transformer substation.

All work is done with the use of modern electrical equipment, providing a high level of electrical safety. Overhead power lines in the reconstruction process, as a rule, are carried from the premises of educational institutions, transferred to cable lines or constructed using safe insulated wire. Near schools kiosk-type package transformer substations are installed, which provide protection against unauthorized access. All of these activities, along with active outreach efforts, according to the power company, must ensure the preservation of the health and lives of children.

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