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Students’ construction crews continue working at facilities of Smolenskenergo


As part of the May 2014 agreement concluded between the branch of "National Research University "MPEI" in Smolensk and IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division the students’ construction crew "The Power" continues its work at facilities of the electric grid complex of the Smolensk land.

Currently, the team of 27 people is divided into small crews between contractors LLC "NPO Energosvyazproekt", LLC "Tsentrenergostroy" and LLC "Avanguard". Smolenskenergo provides the necessary organizational and methodological assistance and oversees the training and activities of the future power engineers.

The most numerous sub-team recently completed work at a facility in Zadneprovsky district of the city of Smolensk. The young people for a month and a half managed to lay two 6 kV cables, 1.5 km from the substation "North" to the transformer substation in Grizodubovoy street. That work was performed to improve the electricity supply grid of the actively sprawling district of Korolevka. The new lines will energize both the old apartment buildings and newly erected facilities.

It is worth noting that the members of the construction crew not only gained invaluable hands-on experience in the electric grid, but also contributed to the socially important case. The fact is that in the spring in the neighbourhood of Korolevka the construction of two 9-storey residential buildings was completed intended for settlers from old and dilapidated housing. Thus, 225 Smolensk families will acquire the new comfortable accommodation.

The second facility of interest in the work area of the construction crews is the construction of a package transformer substation of 2х160kVA for power supply of a Mikhnovsky kindergarten for 60 seats. In the first week of the work the young people cleared of trees and shrubs in the place of installation of the package transformer substation, they were involved in laying the foundation, and made installation of a grounding device. Later the package transformer substation was installed and the equipment assembly stage and the construction of two sections of 10 kV overhead lines from the Conductor-1001 and Conductor-1002 of the substation "Factory" started. Commissioning of the new electric grid facility will greatly enhance the reliability of electricity supply of the village of Mikhnovka and the surrounding villages.

It should be noted that in the Smolensk students’ construction crew there are students not only from different parts of the Smolensk region working, but representatives of the Bryansk region, who study at the Smolensk branch "MPEI". In the future, this will allow them to quickly find a job and join the new labour team. It is possible that for many of them this team will be Smolenskenergo or Bryanskenergo. "Those who will manifest themselves in the construction crew will have a good chance of employment in the branch," stressed Head of Human Resources Alla Korolkova. "We believe that working in a large company and mentoring senior colleagues will help them become professionals and love their future profession."

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