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Representatives of Smolenskenergo visited the Educational Forum "Architecture of Talent"


On August 1st a delegation of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division, headed by Chief Engineer Nikolay Kireenko, visited the largest camp of the Smolensk region - "Architecture of Talent". A specialized shift for the talented youth at the tourist camp "Falcon Mountain" not for the first year brings together more than 200 young people aged 14 to 18 with the aim of educating them in leadership skills and professional competencies necessary in the life.

On the 16th day of the camp, the theme of which was "Power grids and demand management", the young people met one of the key executives of Smolenskenergo. In a frank live conversation Nikolay Kireenko shared with the young talents his secrets of success working at the electricity sector, spoke about his own life's journey and career milestones. A lot of the young people, asking questions, admitted that they planned to be enrolled in the Smolensk branch of "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" to connect their lives in the future with the power engineering profession. And their words go together with deeds: on the porch of the main building there is a cozy workshop located in which the schoolchildren surprisingly quickly made circuits of the simplest alarm systems, switches and much more.

The lecture was held in the open air and, in spite of the anomalous heat of the day, lasted about 1.5 hours, and brought together more than 80 inhabitants of the Youth Forum. During this time the young people got answers to many questions, in particular, the formation of tariffs for electricity and the complexity of the repair work in case of failures in the system. Nikolay Kireenko spoke about the company, its specialists and the demand for them.

A master class to revitalize a Gosha simulator with electric shock was also a pleasant surprise for the young talents, which was conducted by specialists in occupational safety of Smolenskenergo. During the summer holidays it is not superfluous to remind the schoolchildren about safety precautions near power facilities. For the allotted time everyone could try on the simulator to perform correct actions in ventilated and direct cardiac massage as the first aid to a potential victim of electrocution.

The summer school of engineering began its work in late July and will continue to charge the young people with unique experiences and emotions until the middle of August. Talented, bright and unique personalities gathered in one place to become real designers of their own lives.

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