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Tverenergo keeps its special operation mode


In connection with the special fire situation in the territory of the Tver region and the introduction of a state of emergency IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division still keeps its special operation mode for power engineers. The power engineers are in constant interaction with the hydro-meteorological services and the office of EMERCOM of Russia in the Tver region.

Control over the observance of fire safety conditions at electric grid objects has been increased. Continuous monitoring of the situation in the zone of fire is performed to predict and prevent possible risks that could cause disruptions in electricity supply to consumers. There is duty of leaders and operational staff that is ready for the organization of repair and restoration work in emergency situations at power facilities. Additionally, crews perform more frequent rounds and inspections of equipment and power lines.

Despite the difficult weather conditions the equipment of the Tver power system is operating normally. All emerging technological disturbances are eliminated in an expeditious manner.

IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division refers to all inhabitants of the Tver region to manifest special vigilance in the fire-dangerous period and compliance with the rules of fire and electrical safety. Upon detection of faults in electrical installations (falling trees onto power lines), breaking and hanging wires, fires – please, report immediately to the toll-free DIRECT PHONE LINE of POWER ENGINEERS at 8800 50 50 115 working around the clock.

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