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Customers of Smolensk branch of IDGC of Centre actively use value-added services of the company


IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division improves the quality of services and expands their list, which has a positive effect on the demand of customers. Today Smolenskenergo provides its clients with the services of metering devices installation, supporting the grid connection process, operation and maintenance of 110 - 0.4 kV electrical grids, outdoor lighting networks, external power supply networks, services for removal of land use restrictions (removal of grids and transformer substations), testing and diagnostics of high-voltage equipment, power protection means, conducting thermal control, and others.

The branch continues to increase revenue from the sale of value-added services. For 2013 it amounted to 282.5 million rubles.

For example, last year Smolenskenergo concluded 44 contracts worth 56.8 million rubles on the service "Reconstruction of electric grid facilities of IDGC of Centre for the benefit of customers". The branch executed about 7,000 requests for one of the most popular services - "Installation and replacement of metering devices". The need for this service is dictated by the requirement of a federal law. From 1 July 2012 all residential properties should be equipped with energy metering devices of accuracy class 2.0 or higher. Consumers may wish to leave a request for the installation of single-phase and three-phase and both single and multi-tariff electricity meters.

In addition, in 2013 the branch concluded 82 contracts worth 2.4 million rubles for the maintenance and repair of electrical grids and electrical equipment.

To date, one of the most promising services of the branch is "Maintenance and development of outdoor lighting networks". Last year the service covered 309 localities of the Smolensk region. Within the framework of the concluded contracts installation, replacement of lamps on a fixture, poles, replacement of light bulbs and operation and maintenance of outdoor lighting are performed.

There is also demand for a special service for supporting connection to the grid of IDGC of Centre, which is provided by the branch. As wished by a customer Smolenskenergo performs a list of works, mandatory under the federal law for the client, and provides services in support of the grid connection, including the preparation of project documentation on the part of consumers, assisting in harmonization with the third-party organizations, construction and installation works on execution of technical conditions on the part of the consumer, the issuance of duplicate technical documentation for the grid connection.

Detailed information about all the value-added services provided by IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division can be found on the company’s website at, via the free direct phone line of power engineers at 8-800-50-50-115 in Distribution Zones as well as at Customer Service Centres and retail and customer interaction departments in the Distribution Zones.

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