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Kurskenergo’s specialists told children about the rules of electrical safety


Specialists of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division conducted a lesson on electrical safety for schoolchildren, resting in the Children's Health and Education Centre named after Ulyana Gromova. More than 120 children participated in the event.

The power engineers introduced the children to the rules of behaviour near power facilities, explained why one must not climb poles of power lines, break into premises of electric substations and what the symbols, painted on electrical equipment, mean. In addition, they reminded of the need of careful handling of electrical household appliances and talked about how to proceed in case of a broken wire. Afterwards, the participants of the lesson were invited to perform resuscitation with a simulator "Gosha", which the power engineers use to develop practical skills to provide first aid to victims with electric shock.

After the event all the children received copies of the book "Energolandiya" as a gift from the power engineers in an attractive form telling the rules of safe handling of electricity, as well as forms of timetables and calendars, reminding of the basic rules of safe behaviour in the vicinity of power facilities.

The Centre’s representative Tatiana Turchaninova thanked the Kursk power engineers for the lesson, emphasizing that they do very important and necessary work. "Kurskenergo’s specialists talked with the children in their own language, so interesting and clearly that they were able to engage them. In our camp this event has become a tradition," stressed Tatiana.

Kursk power engineers conduct lessons for electrical safety in the framework of the adopted in IDGC of Centre program to prevent injuries to third parties at electric grid facilities. Since January of this year, Kurskenergo’s specialists have conducted 11 such lessons in schools and summer camps of the Kursk region, and more such activities will be organized until the end of the year.

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