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A response exercise was held in Tverenergo


IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division with the participation of specialists of branches of JSC "SO UES" "United Dispatch Office of Power Systems of Centre " (TCC of Centre) and "Regional Dispatch Office of the Tver Region Power System" (Tver TCC) conducted a specialized grid-wide emergency response exercise to simulate the operational staff of Tverenergo in case of emergency in the power system of the Tver region.

The training was attended by operators of the Tver TCC, operational staff of the Grid Control Centre (GCC) and Distribution Zones of Tverenergo. Representatives of the branches of the System Operator –leading experts of the technical controlling service of the TCC of Centre and the department of technical controlling of the Tver TCC acted as supervising bodies.

According to the exercise scenario because of a failure at electric power facilities of the Tver grid there was a big power shortage. To prevent the development of an emergency under a word of command of the Tver TCC in the territory of the Tver region temporary outage consumption schedules were introduced. These schedules are an exceptional measure and put into effect in order to prevent development of an emergency situation, its localization and restoration of normal operation of the power system. Lists of consumers, in respect of which the restriction of consumption in an emergency is set, are determined by grid companies and agreed upon by the executive authority of the subject of the Russian Federation and the System Operator in accordance with the Rules of the development and application of schedules of emergency restrictions to the consumption of electric energy.

According to the chief of the GCC of Tverenergo Vladislav Ostrik similar exercises help work out the interaction of operating personnel of Tverenergo and dispatchers of the System Operator in emergency management in the power system of the region, as well as to assess the readiness of participants to take action in the event of a failure. "The joint emergency drills allow to improve the mechanism of interaction of the parties involved in emergency situations, the consequences of which are quickly eliminated in real time. It is the practical testing of personnel actions in complex emergencies that helps identify concerns and find ways to solve them together, learn the lessons, and resolve comments," stressed Vladislav Ostryk.

Due to strict compliance with dispatch commands and concerted actions of the operational staff of the grid company all scheduled tasks of the training were successfully completed. The achieved results confirmed readiness of dispatchers of the Tver TCC, operators of Tverenergo to ensure reliable operation of the power system in the region.

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