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Kursk power engineers successfully combat the theft of electricity


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division summarized the work to identify and prevent facts of non-metered electricity consumption in the first half of 2014. During this period the specialists of the branch found 242 such facts. The non-metered consumption amounted to 1, 221 billion kW/h.

As Kurskenergo noted, the most frequently identified ways of electricity theft include impacts on metering devices, breaking the seal from electricity meters, connection of power receivers bypassing the a meter, connection to power grids without a contract with a retail company, etc.

The main tool to combat theft are raids, during which staff of Distribution Zones check work of metering devices and inspect overhead lines for illegal connections. If a fact of theft is identified an act of non-contractual or non-metered consumption is drawn up, which is presented for payment.

Since the beginning of this year the total amount claimed for payment by Kurskenergo under acts of non-contractual consumption amounted to 463 thousand rubles, which corresponds to a volume of 203 thousand kW/h. This is two times higher than the same period last year. Payment is made on them by the consumer who committed theft of electricity directly to the branch. In case of refusal offenders will face a trial.

Further acts of non-metered consumption were drawn up for the amount of 1,017 billion kW/h, which is 0.5 billion kW/h less than last year. By such acts unfair consumers pay for non-metered electricity supply of the retail company under a contract for transmission of electrical energy.

In addition to violations of the law, theft of electricity carries two serious problems. Firstly, a grid connection, bypassing a grid company, made an "artisanal" way may result in malfunction of grid equipment and electric shock. Secondly, additional non-metered load in the grid leads to power surges and damage to appliances and less reliable power supply.

Conscientious consumers can help power engineers in addressing these issues, reporting facts of possible theft to the grid company on the around the clock direct phone line at 8800 50 50 115.

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