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Lipetskenergo joined the movement to revive students’ construction crews


Lipetskenergo held a solemn ceremony to open the labor season of students’ construction crews of the electric grid complex of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division. Their activity will be contribution of Lipetskenergo in maintaining and developing the movement of students’ construction crews of the electric grid complex in the Russian Federation, organized at the initiative of the youth-Russian public organization "Russian Student Groups" with the support of JSC "Russian Grids".

The main participants of the event are 22 best students of specialized faculties of Lipetsk State Technical University and Zadonsky Polytechnic College included in two students’ construction crews.

The names of these young people will enter the history of Lipetskenergo since they bear an honorable and responsible mission to revive students’ construction crews.

Activities of the students’ construction crews will be accompanied with a developed ceremony including special uniform, work permits, symbols and attributes. Each crew will be supervised by experienced mentors. For their work the young people will be paid. All this will contribute to the implementation of the main ideological component of the project – to increase prestige of energy professions among young professionals.

The young people will be able to apply for years of training received theoretical knowledge and gain invaluable experience, working at electric grid facilities of Lipetsky and Zadonsky Distribution Zones. Students’ construction crews will be involved in repair work, scheduled inspections of transformer substations, rounds of power lines, and power meter readings. They will delve into the intricacies of the future profession under the supervision and guidance of experienced professionals of Lipetskenergo in strict compliance with safety regulations.

Creative contests and activities will help the young people fully express themselves, including contests of photos, for the best video, the best crew song of the electric grid complex, the best article (story), the best wall newspaper, as well as prepared off-competition presentations.

According to the results of the summer practice - aggregate production performance, discipline, and results of participation in public life the best student of the students’ construction crews will be selected. Summarizing and rewarding the winners will take place during the closing ceremony of the 55th Anniversary of the All-Russian rally of student teams.

Lipetskenergo believes that revival of students’ construction crews not only an effective way to attract young professionals to the Company, but above all, a serious contribution to the strategic development of the industry. "One cannot muster experience sitting at a desk or at a computer, so I hope to fill this gap by participating in the construction crew. In any industry there is demand for good professionals, but it is impossible to become such without obtaining the necessary experience," in his turn said a representative of the students’ construction crews, a 3rd year student of the Zadonsky college specializing in "Technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment" Roman Serikov.

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