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Boat owners were reminded of electrical safety


The Inspectorate for Small Vessels of the Yaroslavl branch of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division held a series of joint activities aimed at preventing electrical injuries among boaters.

Rescuers and power engineers organized educational lectures for navigators and distributed over 1,500 thematic leaflets through all units of the Inspectorate for Small Vessels of the Yaroslavl region. Boat owners were warned against approaching the live parts of electrical equipment and reminded of basic rules that will save lives and health of not only those who control the ship, but also of all passengers.

The power engineers spoke about a recent incident that took place in Voronezh. In June 2014 because of gross violations of navigation in the exclusion zones of power lines there was an interruption of high-voltage power lines passing through the city reservoir. A yacht with a mast height of 10 metres touched a power line. As a result, power supply of facilities, which provide a large part of the city with electricity, was interrupted. Two passenger of the yacht got thermal burns.

In addition, the power engineers reminded of the dangers of fishing near power lines. Swimming facilities are often used for fishing. The distance from the ground to the wires is 6 - 7 metres, and the length of the rod can exceed it. Modern rods are made of carbon fiber - a material that is a conductor of electricity. High humidity within the boundaries of the reservoir, a wet fishing line and rod pose a danger to life, even when approaching a wire of a power line in operation, and touching wires will inevitably lead to tragic consequences. Preventive work among boaters in the Yaroslavl region will continue.

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