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The distribution grid complex of the Yaroslavl region operates successfully


In Yaroslavl an extended meeting with heads of departments of Yarenergo, chiefs of 18 Distribution Zones of the branch, top management of Yargorelectroset (a subsidiary of IDGC of Centre), management of Yaroslavl power grid company, 51% owned by IDGC of Centre, was held. The event was chaired by Acting Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division Director Konstantin Kotikov.

The main topics of discussion were the results of the operational activities of the distribution grid complex in the first quarter of 2014, a comparative analysis (bench-marking) of performance of Distribution Zones, as well as key challenges in the near future.

Participants of the meeting paid particular attention to questions related to the start of the repair campaign. The main purpose of repair work is high-quality preparation of the grid complex for the autumn-winter peak loads. Yaroslavl power engineers are progressing ahead of the approved plan.

Quality and timely execution of the repair and other targeted programs, coordinated work of the whole team of the Yaroslavl distribution grid complex allowed the power engineers to achieve a significant reduction in the incidence of grid equipment damage. Number of technical failures in the 1st quarter decreased by 44.8% compared to the same period last year. Usually, the main causes of technological failures are adverse weather conditions, illegal actions of third parties. How to minimize the elimination of the consequences of external influence on power facilities – this question is always among the most important.

Also at the meeting the participants discussed the current work for electricity supply and reduction of losses in the grids, in particular, the interaction of chiefs of Distribution Zones with the police to detect and deter non-contracted and non-metered electricity consumption. Important part of the meeting was to discuss the customer care activities, including grid connection and promotion of value-added services of the branch among the region's population.

In the final part of the meeting priorities for the departments of the company in 2014 were identified. They are the same for all 11 branches of IDGC of Centre. Among them – preparation for the autumn-winter 2014 - 2015 operation period, full implementation of investment and maintenance programs, achievement of planned indicators of reliability of power supply, further optimization of the customer grid connection procedure.

"Analysis of the advantages of some and disadvantages of other heads of department in the form of face to face meetings allows the most efficiently to build operation of the branch and achieve maximum results, make executives be persistent as leaders, and leadership is already a tradition in our company. At such events not only intermediate results of the enterprise operation are summarized: direct dialogue between top managers and chiefs of Distribution Zones contributes to increasing the level of professional knowledge and skills, acquiring some unique experience of professional development of each manager, consolidating the principle of teamwork. Success of any process depends on professionalism of every leader, accuracy and timeliness of adoption of a decision. This is especially important when the company's activities affect the interests and rights of citizens," comments Konstantin Kotikov.

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