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Safe childhood – a task for adults


IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division initiated a joint meeting of power engineers, representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Northern Railway with kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers.

Children’s injuries at home and at various critical infrastructure facilities remain a serious problem. The aim was to help teachers convey to children the most complete and understandable information on how to avoid the dangers that may lie in wait for them at home and in the street.

A representative from each organization outlined the basic safety rules in their field and drew the educators’ attention to typical situations in which children may suffer. The power engineers, rescuers and railway employees themselves regularly visit schools and themed Life Safety lessons. But they cannot cover all schools of the region. General information on how to keep a child’s life and health should be given by teachers. Special handbooks and visual materials, which they received during the event, will help them conduct these lessons.

"Together, we and the teachers will do everything possible to reduce accidents with children as much as possible. But no matter what preventive measures we take the main responsibility lies with the parents. And here a personal example is the most important. Therefore, teaching the child, do not forget yourself to follow these rules," underlines Acting Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division director Konstantin Kotikov.

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