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A crew of Lebedyansky Distribution Zone – the best one of Lipetskenergo


Traditional competitions of professional skills of operation and maintenance personnel finished at IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division, held at the training centre of Zadonsky Polytechnic College. A crew of Lebedyansky Distribution Zone had the best results in them, scoring 1,213.5 points. In July, the winning team will fight for the championship at interregional competitions of professional skills of IDGC of Centre, which will be held from 7 to 11 July in Belgorod.

The second place went to the team of Gryazinsky Distribution Zone, giving 7 points to the winner, and the third one to the team of Terbunsky Distribution Zone with a score of 1187.75 points. As part of the competitions power engineers were also distinguished in the categories "The youngest participant", where it was an electrician of Lebedyansky Distribution Zone Alexey Filatov, "The most experienced participant" - a senior operator of Lebedyansky section of Operation and Technology Group of the Grid Control Centre Alexander Morkovin. In the category "High level of tolerance to stress" a master of Terbunsky Distribution Zone Sergey Bolgov was distinguished.

This year six teams of Lebedyansky, Gryazinsky, Izmalkovsky, Terbunsky, Stanovlyansky and Dolgorukovsky Distribution Zone competed in the professional championship, who had the highest score by the end of the qualifying rounds held in May of the current year.

The competitions were held in seven stages to check the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the power engineers, as well as their ability to act in emergency situations that can occur while operating electrical installations.

During the 1st stage that included computer-based testing, the competitors demonstrated their confident knowledge of the applicable rules and regulations in the power sector. At the 2nd stage they released a victim, a dummy simulator, with electric shock on a 10 kV anchor-corner pole of a power line, followed by resuscitation and first aid. With the passage of the remaining phases the power engineers perform common tasks for their job – replacement of insulated wire on a reinforced concrete intermediate pole, a defective insulator, calculation and measurement of phase-zero impedance of a circuit in 0.4 kV network.

Order, accuracy, time of work performance and compliance with safety regulations were evaluated by judges of the branch headed by Deputy Director for Technical Issues - Chief Engineer of the branch Alexander Kornilov.

"Competitions of professional skills can not only evaluate the training, but also provide further improvement of professional level, while operating distribution grids, and promote best practices, rational ways and effective methods of work execution at power equipment," stressed the chief judge of the competitions.

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