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Lipetsk power engineers increase "electrical" literacy of schoolchildren


In anticipation of the summer holidays, when the risk of children’s injuries increases, including associated with electrical shock, power engineers of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division have increased efforts to prevent children’s electrical injuries.

Another lesson on electrical safety was conducted by specialists of Lipetskenergo in the school in the village of Bratovschina in Dolgorukovsky district. During the class children learned why it is not allowed to go fishing, make bonfires, play near power lines, as well as what "step voltage" is and how to get out of it, how to provide first aid to a person who has electric shock.

To consolidate the material the power engineers distributed to schoolchildren themed gifts - colourful timetables and bookmarks with basic rules on electrical safety. Similar lessons in April and May were conducted in 29 schools of the region. Their main goal is to teach children safe behaviour near power facilities and handling electricity in the home.

The next step will be to conduct the work on prevention of electrical injuries in children's summer camps of the region.

Conducting lessons on electrical safety is only one form of implementation of the current in the branch since 2009 "Program to reduce the risks of third-party injuries", including providing technical safety and security of facilities and awareness-raising efforts for the prevention of electricity dangers.

The branch performs annually systematic work to install modern engineering and technical means of supervision and signalling at power facilities, removal of power facilities from premises of schools, playgrounds, areas of mass construction, and replacement of dangerous sections of overhead lines with bare wire for cable lines and self-supporting insulated wire (SIW). At each visit of electrical installations the power engineers check the good condition of locking devices, presence of warning signs and the state of exclusion zones.

In order to prevent injuries Lipetskenergo conducts educational work with the public and especially with children. These activities, in addition to lessons on electrical safety, includes publishing and video broadcasting of thematic materials on prevention of electrical injuries in the regional media, distribution of campaign materials among the population.

To increase the effectiveness of efforts to prevent third-party electrical injuries Lipetskenergo organizes roundtables involving the responsible bodies to combine the efforts of the public in the solution of this problem. The last one was held in March this year.

Every year the power engineers increase their set of tools aimed at preventing electrical injuries. Since 2014 the site of IDGC of Centre at new has a new available service in the section "Energy safety", using which the educational institutions located in the service area of the branch can submit their online application for a lesson on electrical safety. In this section they can find the information they need on electrical safety - visual aids, methodical video and photo materials. The above information can be also accessed through the communities "Electrical Safety", launched by the company in the social networks "Twitter", "Facebook" and "Vkontakte".

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