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In Yaroslavl issues of technological control over the power grid were discussed


In Yaroslavl a traveling meeting of Deputies Chief Engineer – Heads of Grid Control Centres of IDGC of Centre’s branches was held. Its participants summed up the work of the structural units for the previous period and discussed the main directions of development of operational and technological management of the distribution complex of the central part of the country.

The meeting discussed issues of operational services of the branches, changes in the regulatory documentation for dispatch management and recording process violations. The participants also talked about the Day of the Operator in the branches of the company.

The meeting considered the experience of the application of the electronic log "HEDGEHOG-2", allowing to keep a record of operational records by operators, organize operational information about various events, providing storage and subsequent access if necessary.

Representatives of the branch "Yarenergo" shared experience with using DVRs for fixing operational switching, inspections and clearances, made by operational staff of mobile crews.

"Colleagues praised our innovation in the use of the DVRs by mobile crews. The meeting put the question on the implementation of this practice in all branches of IDGC of Centre," stressed Head of the GCC of Yarenergo Ruslan Trubin.

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