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Thank you, power engineers!


IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division received a letter of thanks from residents of the village of Novaya in Nekrasovsky district of the region. The residents thank Acting Director of the branch Konstantin Kotikov and Head of the Distribution Zone Alexey Korotaev for the work to improve electricity supply in their locality.

A range of activities was performed in the village. First of all, it concerns the quality of power supply. The residents received electricity from a source that was too far from the village. Hence they had constant problems with the mains voltage. Nekrasovsky power engineers transferred the transformer substation to the centre of loads, increased transformer capacity from 25 to 60 kVA and reconstructed the overhead line – stretched 515 meters of modern SIW and installed 14 new concrete poles. Additionally they replaced crossovers to residential homes. As a result, the quality of electricity in the village was brought into conformity with GOST.

The next upgrade item was the replacement of meters. Nineteen new digital metering devices were included in an automated information and measuring system of commercial metering (AMI) of Yarenergo. This system allows specialists of the branch to have complete and current view of electricity supply in the territory, and residents – to control over energy consumption.

Finally, the residents of Novaya through the district administration asked the power engineers to improve street lighting. The Distribution Zone approached that request responsibly: instead of three old light fixtures they installed seven new lighting points with modern energy saving bulbs.

"The work was performed by your staff in the short term, with quality and professionalism. Now at night it is light and quiet in our village. We wish you good health and success in your noble and so needed for people work," said the letter.

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