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In a rehabilitation centre of Veselaya Lopan an electrical safety show was held


June 5 at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Youth with Disabilities in the village of Veselaya Lopan of the Belgorod region staff of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division held another electrical safety lesson.

"We organize such awareness sessions constantly, and the form of conveying information as a game allows children to better learn the rules and remember how to behave so that electricity to be always a friend. And this is especially important in school holidays," stressed Chairman of the Youth Council of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division Roman Filimonenko.

Leading engineer of industrial control and safety of Belgorodenergo Tatiana Ryazantseva told the children the basic rules of behaviour near power facilities and electrical appliances. For example, the children learned that they must not go into a transformer substation, even if a ball went there, they must not run a kite and fish near power lines, and studied "goose" step they need to use to go away from lying on the ground wire.

The children were also able to try on uniform and protective gear, which electricians use at work, and with their own eyes to see what happens to the clothing under the influence of high voltage that once again convinced them of risk of electrocution. Its danger lies in the fact that it is invisible, has no colour or smell, and therefore requires special care and attention.

After the theoretical part the children had quite a show. In the form of a game the animators helped them consolidate their knowledge. The children responded to puzzles, watched tricks, learned to hunt lions and swim the river, danced with the hatter, blew soap bubbles with a giant man and photographed in a fun photo booth.

All the children, like the one, talked about how they liked the show, and would gladly repeat the rules of safe handling of electricity, which they had learned at the lesson of the power engineers. "The show added to our lives some vivid, bright colours and positive emotions. Such lessons are needed, as both children and adults should know how to handle electricity," stressed the mother of one of the children Anna Nechayeva.

Each child received colouring books, bookmarks, puzzles on the topic of safe handling of electricity as a gift. The children immediately began to examine with interest and study the books. Of course, the day could not do without sweets.

"Our children are happy and delighted, when guests come to us with such wonderful gifts. For them it is a charge of vivacity, energy and the belief that everything in life is good and wonderful. And the form of providing the information on the electrical safety topic as a game is very interesting for them," stressed Director of the Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Youth with Disabilities Irina Dolgikh.

It is worth noting that the event was held under the Electrical Safety Month, which Belgorod power engineers are conducting in the region. Since the beginning of 2014 specialists of Belgorodenergo have organized about 180 such lessons and developing classes for the prevention of electrical injuries among children, as well as several workshops for teachers and supervisors of life safety.

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