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Yaroslavl power grid - 80 years old


In Yaroslavl a solemn event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the region's power grid was held. It was attended by major energy companies of the region, veterans and honoured workers of the industry.

The honorary guests of the event were Governor of the Yaroslavl region Sergey Yastrebov, Senator Victor Rogotsky, Deputy Head of the region Natalia Shaposhnikova, Acting Director of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division Konstantin Kotikov and leaders of other enterprises of the regional industry.

The main part was preceded by a meeting of participants and guests of honour at the "Eternal Flame", where the power engineers and government officials commemorated residents of Yaroslavl, who went through the hard war years. Next the event continued in the Concert and Entertainment Centre "Millenium", where a thematic exposition and a solemn meeting of the participants were organized.

In the foyer of the Concert and Entertainment Centre one could trace the history of the Yaroslavl power grid from the first light bulbs named after Ilich to modern innovative equipment. The visitors saw the stands of the main enterprises of the Yaroslavl energy complex. Especially valuable are the exhibits, giving an idea of the previous stages of the sector: photographs, archival documents, samples of uniform and equipment.

At the meeting the participants recalled all what had been done over 80 years of hard work. From the scene words of gratitude were sounded to those who stood at the origins of the current state of the power system, and those who today continue to move the power industry forward.

"The main indicator of the success of the power industry is that many stop to notice it - so all have got accustomed to the fact that there is electricity. They reminisce about your work only when something goes wrong, and then not for long, because all faults are promptly removed. On behalf of residents of Yaroslavl I want to thank all power engineers: thanks to you the region can develop further, start new businesses, improve the quality of life of citizens," Governor Sergey Yastrebov congratulated the industry workers.

In a solemn ceremony government and industry awards were handed to representatives of the profession, whose work deserves special attention. Among them were employees of Yarenergo: Leading engineer of relay service Igor Volinkin, Deputy Chief of Lyubimsky Distribution Zone Alexander Krasavin, Chief of Tutaevsky Distribution Zone Vladimir Pleschev, Chief of City Distribution Zone Valentin Usin, Chief of Myshkinsky Distribution Zone Sergey Kalinin, one of the oldest power engineer - veteran of Yarenergo Valentin Yakusevich, Head of economic office Lyudmila Barabanova, and Electrician of a crew of Rostovsky group of substations Andrey Maximov.

Yaroslavl power engineers pass knowledge, skills and, most importantly, love for the profession from generation to generation. Therefore members of labour dynasties were especially warm welcomed at the event. Among these are dynasty employees of the distribution grid complex – the Bochkarevs, the Kamzolovs, and the Rychkovs. Total work experience of all dynasties in the Yaroslavl power grid is 1,638 years.

As you know, prior to the 2000s, the regional energy was represented by one company, which was later unbundled into organizations responsible for individual work areas. The culmination of the event was the symbolic association of companies that make up the Yaroslavl power system.

"The Yaroslavl power grid adequately passed the test of time, proving the strength of its traditions and professional guidance. Even in the most difficult conditions we managed to keep the technical potential of the power system and its most important asset – people able to work at full capacity. I congratulate all of our colleagues on this memorable date and wish that all of us have the energy for development, for new achievements and progress," said Acting General Director of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division director Konstantin Kotikov.

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