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Power engineers introduced schoolchildren to their work


In Breytovsky Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division a tour was held for schoolchildren of a local school. It included a lesson on electrical safety and general familiarity with the work of the grid company: equipment, special vehicles and protective gear for electricians.

Excursions to the Distribution Zone are, in fact, a new format for electrical safety lessons that employees of Yarenergo regularly conduct in schools and health improvement camps throughout the Yaroslavl region. Simply the power engineers do not come to their children, but invite them to themselves.

Schoolchildren of grades 7-8 visited Breytovsky Distribution Zone as guests. Foreman on operation of distribution networks Sergey Fedotov acted as the host. The excursion began with an introduction to one of the main power facilities of the district – the located next to the Distribution Zone substation "Breytovo". The foreman reminded the children of the ban to enter premises of feeding centres, from afar he showed the substation equipment and explained the principles for the distribution of electrical energy.

Next, the schoolchildren were demonstrated special vehicles, which are used by the power engineers, - transport, aerials, electrical laboratories and drilling vehicles. In the control centre the children saw the control panel and an electronic wall that displays the technical state of all grids in the district. The guests asked questions, wondered what they needed to know to become a power engineer, and where they could learn the profession.

The class on electrical safety was held in the classroom, where staff of the enterprise gets ready for work and repeats safety rules. During the lesson the children learned how to handle electrical appliances and behave near power facilities. The foreman showed them signs warning of the danger of electric shock, let see the uniform of electricians, climbers, insulating gloves and boots, which were essential to work under voltage. The basic idea that we wanted to bring to the kids: only professionals must deal with electricity; for those who do not understand this, the danger is a simple socket, not to mention power lines and transformers.

Mandatory part of the lesson was to develop skills in first aid. At a special simulator "Victim-2" the schoolchildren tried to perform artificial respiration and chest compressions. To make the received information better solidified in the minds of the young people, they were handed leaflets and posters with the rules on electrical safety.

"For us this is the first experience. The children are satisfied: in this format material makes them more interested. Educational institutions also support our initiative. If all goes well, by the end of the year we plan to conduct tours for all senior classes," stresses Sergey Fedotov.

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