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Kurskenergo’s experts held a seminar on electrical safety for teachers


30 teachers on the basics of life safety from comprehensive schools of Timsky and Manturovsky districts of the Kursk region and heads of regional departments of education participated in an organized by IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division seminar in the framework of the "Week of safety". Together with the power engineers it was held for them by representatives of the police and the General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Kursk region.

The situation with offenses in the field of energy in the subordinate settlements was analyzed by Deputy Chief of Police for the protection of public order for Manturovsky and Timsky districts Andrey Skvortsov. He told the teachers about conducted by Kurskenergo’s specialists and employees of MIA joint raids to detect cases of unauthorized connection to the power grid and prevent theft of power equipment.

Interrogator of supervisory activities for Manturovsky and Timsky districts from the General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Kursk region Alexander Vislouzov said the number of unauthorized attempts to connect to the grid in these districts had decreased. According to him, this was achieved largely due to the active preventive work that is carried out on a permanent basis in the districts by the power engineers and representatives of the local administration. In addition, the EMERCOM’s representative said that unauthorized connection to the power grid can lead to fires and accidents.

Chief of Manturovsky Distribution Zone and a safety engineer of Timsky Distribution Zone told the participants of the seminar about the power facilities located in the territories of the districts and areas of work to improve the reliability of power supply, which is performed by the branch. They also listed the basic rules to be observed, while in the vicinity of power plants. A leading specialist of the Training Centre for operating staff of Kurskenergo Elena Rusanova and a foreman on diagnostics of electric equipment of Manturovsky Distribution Zone Maxim Kanischev shared with the teachers their knowledge about action of the electric current on the human body and showed them a video on the rules of electrical safety and first aid to the victim with electric shock. Practical resuscitation skills were illustrated with the dummy "Gosha".

At the end of the event the participants received colour posters and brochures that tell about the rules of behaviour near electrical installations. These training materials, tailored to the characteristics of perception of such information by schoolchildren, will be used by the teachers at lessons on electrical safety. As said by Acting Head of the Department of Education of Manturovsky district Valentina Motinova, they will be conducted before the summer break.

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