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Team of Yarenergo – Gold Champion of "Business League 2014"


Last weekend, the team of mini-football of Yarenergo won the tournament "Business League 2014". For two months 9 teams fought for the title of the best football teams of the enterprises and organizations of the Yaroslavl region.

The fight for gold was hard. On the playground in the final match the two leaders met: the team of "Yarenergo" and the team of "Garant". From the first minute, both teams came into the fight strongly for the winner’s cup, playing at full capacity, sharply attacking the opponent’s goal posts. The struggle did not stop for a minute. The score was opened unexpectedly by Garant, at the 4th minute scoring the goal first into Yarenergo’s goal posts. The power engineers, being many times in a similar situation, and therefore found way out of it with ease: already at the 8th minute top scorer of the team Roman Aliyev equalized 1:1.

Uncompromising struggle, on the verge of foul play, players’ complete devotion – it was that prevailed on that day on the playground. Special skills of both teams were shown by goalkeepers. They corrected errors of defenders not one time, hitting with skilful gate saves.

At the break the teams had 2:1 in favour of Yarenergo. The second half was no less interesting than the first: at the fifth minute a player of the team "Garant" unexpectedly tied the score 2:2. Intensity of the struggle reached its maximum value. Supported by spectators, both teams increasingly intensified attacks on the opponent, literally millimeters separated from the long-awaited goals. In the middle of the second half - the score did not change 2:2. It was 7 minutes to the end of the game. And there something irreparable happened with the team "Garant": for a minute it missed two unanswered goals. And psychologically breaking the team "Garant" failed to recover. The team "Yarnergo", on the second breath, confidently scored two more goals in the opponent’s goal posts and deservedly became the best in the tournament.

Final score 6:2 in favour of the power engineers. Garant got silver, bronze went to the team "TTC".

In addition to the Winner’s Cup and gold medal the team "Yarenergo" got prizes for the separate nominations: Pavel Smirnov, an employee of the mechanization and transport Service, was voted "Best Goalkeeper". Roman Aliyev, a specialist of electricity delivery Office, was awarded in two categories: "Best Scorer " and "Most valuable team player".

"Gold is a just reward for strenuous workouts, as well as an incentive to new heights," unanimously say all team players of Yarenergo.

The tournament "Business League 2014" was held for the first time, the participants could only be employees of companies and enterprises. According to organizers, the main goal of the tournament is to identify businesses that support striving for a healthy lifestyle among employees.

For reference

The mini-football team of Yarenergo was founded in 2007. The backbone of the team is members of the team of the executive office of Yarenergo, among them - experienced amateur athletes. Yarenergo’s team is a permanent participant in all corporate events of IDGC of Centre, over the years it represents Yaroslavl at tournaments among 11 branches of the company.

In 2012, the team took the 3rd place at the Cup of IDGC of Centre in mini-football, in 2013 - the 4th place in the Summer Games of IDGC of Centre. In all matches with other teams of the Yaroslavl branch of the company players of the team of Yarenergo won consistently in the past four years.

In 2013 the team of Yarenergo became involved in matches with other organizations and associations. Among the latest achievements of the team - the 2nd place in the football championship between participants of the nationwide tourist rally "Commonwealth", where the power engineers opposed teams of more than forty organizations; silver in large interregional competitions in Rybinsk, the participants of which were not only amateur players, but also professional ones.

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