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Kurskenergo successfully operated through the autumn-winter period


In the autumn and winter peak loads Kurskenergo ensured reliable power supply to consumers in the Kursk region. The equipment operated in a stable way that is known to be one of the main indicators of reliability.

"The key to success in the autumn-winter period for Kurskenergo was the implementation of a complex of measures of technical re-equipment, modernization and reconstruction of equipment, the target program to improve reliability, implementation of innovations and performance of all scheduled repair work," stressed Acting Deputy Director General of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division director Alexander Rudnevsky.

Within the investment program of Kurskenergo in 2013 more than 270 km of new power lines and 143 package transformer substations with a total capacity of 27,754 MVA were put into operation. Construction and reconstruction projects of important to the region power facilities were implemented. Among them - the reconstruction of the substation "Gorshechnoye", "Beketovo", "Bykovo", "Medium Olshanka", "Orlovka", "Pristen" and a number of other power centres of 35-110 kV, which was conducted with a view to connecting agricultural facilities to the grid.

In full production programs of repairs and maintenance of equipment were carried out. Specialists of Kurskenergo repaired over 2,660 km of power lines of all voltage levels, 22 substation of 35 – 110 kV. In addition, devices of relay protection and automation, supervisory control, administrative buildings were repaired.

Mandatory and important activities in preparation for the winter operation are clearing and expansion of ROWs along overhead lines. On the eve of the 2013-2014 autumn-winter operation period specialists of Kurskenergo cleared of trees and shrubs 909.6 ha of ROWs along 0.4-110 kV overhead lines. This allowed to reduce the failure rate by nearly half in the service area of ​​the branch because of falling trees on wires.

As part of the target program to improve reliability in 2013 at 35 – 110 kV substations 7 110 kV gas-insulated switches were installed, 49 10 kV vacuum switches replaced 10 kV oil circuit breakers, 3 units of operational current were installed, 76 microprocessor relay protection and automation devices replaced the existing electromechanical ones.

It is known that the autumn and winter operation period is the time testing the durability of both machinery, equipment, and personnel. Prevention of emergency situations as well as the elimination of their consequences in many respects depends on the correct and precise organization of work. Operational headquarters provide these functions in Kurskenergo. It consists of the branch manager and leaders of the main technical departments.

For quick interaction with other structures providing life security in the region, experts of the branch in preparation for the winter operation updated contacts, elaborated questions of timely notification, rapid attraction of forces of third-party organizations, local authorities, and General Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Kursk region.

It should also be noted that in preparation for the autumn-winter operation period the staff of Kurskenergo conducted emergency and fire fighting trainings, retraining programs were held. Training, re-training in the operational staff Training Centre of Kurskenergo and the Office of Housing and Communal Services of Kursk was taken by over two thousand professionals who during the autumn-winter operation period already performed regular checkups and tests of equipment, conducted scheduled maintenance. Also in preparation for the autumn-winter peak loads for the operational staff of the branch specialized training was held to simulate the case of temporary power outage.

Implementation of a complex of these and other measures allowed to improve the reliability of supply centres, to reduce the risks of unplanned outages, and in general – to provide reliable and quality power supply to consumers.

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