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Smolensk power engineers of IDGC of Centre are conducting a series of lessons for electrical safety in anticipation of spring break in schools


By spring break Smolensk power engineers of IDGC of Centre conducted a series of classes on electrical safety. The lessons covered not only schools in Smolensk, but also rural schools of the region. During March, more than 15 lessons were conducted on how children to behave near power facilities in the street.

During spring break, when children are home alone, and the good weather is calling to the yard, power engineers pay particular attention to the rules of behaviour near power facilities.

At lessons on electrical safety in schools power engineers and teachers tell children about how to behave in exclusion zones of power lines, which games are prohibited near power plants, how to deal with the electricity in the home. Such events are also provided for students as well as children's camps in the summer, so Smolensk power engineers are frequent guests of educational institutions, as well as receiving the young residents of the city in the walls of Smolenskenergo at workshops on electrical safety.

At all events information is made available in an easy way and vividly, using visual materials developed by IDGC of Centre – posters, flyers, colouring books, brochures, videos. Children are happy to participate in the discussion and ask questions.

"The main thing is explain to the child why these bans are needed and how they will help not harm health, and maybe even save someone's life," say experts of the OSH and production control Office of the branch.

To explain schoolchildren how to avoid domestic electrical injuries is no small task for power engineers. Children need to know exactly why it is impossible to plug in devices with mechanical failures and why not insert foreign objects into the socket at the same time touching electrical appliances (switches, sockets, lamp holders) and grounded metallic parts (heating radiators, plumbing and gas pipes). In January- February 2014 about 25 classes were carried out in seven schools of Smolensk and 15 schools of the region. During this period, about 700 young residents of Smolensk attended the lessons.

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