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Bryanskenergo discussed electrical safety problems


IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division pays serious attention to prevention of electrical injuries of the population, including children, at electric grid facilities of Bryanskenergo. The company carries out this work systemically, in close collaboration with the executive authorities and territorial divisions of the relevant agencies. A regular event of that kind was a roundtable on the prevention of injuries at the electric grid complex of the Bryansk region, was held in the Executive Office of the branch. It was attended by representatives of the Department of Education of the Bryansk city administration, the Department of Education and Science of the Bryansk region, the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Bryansk region, the General Directorate of the Emergency Situations Ministry in the Bryansk region, and the Prioksky Office of the RTN of the Bryansk region.

The round table was opened by Deputy Director for Technical Issues - Chief Engineer of the branch Alexander Kosarim. He told the audience about the activities carried out within the framework of Bryanskenergo’s "Program to reduce risk of injury to third parties at the facilities of IDGC of Centre". Head of production control and safety of the branch Pavel Zlobin in his speech drew attention to the most common causes of electrical injuries. Among them is the unauthorized, not coordinated with the owner of the grid, performance of work in the exclusion zone of overhead power lines, as well as attempts to steal equipment of energy facilities.

Experts of Bryanskenergo acquainted the participants with the accumulated experience in the branch to prevent injuries of third parties. The main directions and results of operations in this area were demonstrated in a presentation prepared by specialists of the production control and safety Office. The roundtable participants raised the problem of theft of equipment from energy facilities containing non-ferrous metals. To effectively deal with such cases, representatives of the management of Bryanskenergo and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Bryansk region agreed to conduct joint raids of power engineers and district police officers at receiving non-ferrous metal points.

Particular attention was paid to the prevention of children’s electrical injuries. In this area, experts of Bryanskenergo implement a whole range of technical activities: they remove transformer substations and power lines from the territory of schools and preschools; replace defective poles; regularly renew safety signs (they also install additional information signs and posters), equipment tag names, etc. However, the main direction is educational, designed for children of preschool and school age. Employees of the branch regularly conduct lectures for children, lessons, talks on electrical safety, give visual materials about the rules of behaviour near power facilities. Information distribution of hazards of electric current is also carried through the media.

Following the discussion, those present expressed their readiness to continue cooperation with specialists of Bryanskenergo and developed a number of joint coordinating decisions aimed at preventing injuries to third parties at electric grid facilities. They were made as a list of specific proposals for the implementation of relevant activities for each of the participating organizations in the roundtable.

In particular, it was decided to extend the area of public awareness on the prevention of electrical injuries with advertising sites available to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Bryansk region. Local policemen will also be attracted to preventive work, who will be encouraged in the course of its carrying to pay particular attention to children from broken families and difficult adolescents. In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Bryansk region will consider the possibility of distribution of handout materials to children living in social shelters.

The Department of Education and Science of the Bryansk region and the Department of Education of the Bryansk city administration intend to consider holding in anticipation of summer vacation in educational institutions of the region a special class on the topic "Electricity is dangerous!" based on guidelines developed by the power company. By the beginning of the new academic year specialists of the city department will prepare a standard dictation for students of grades 1-5 for the prevention of children’s electrical injuries. And their colleagues from the regional department by September 1 will give all schools themed flyers, board games, colouring books and schedules. A banner with themed prevention of children’s electrical injuries will soon be placed on web sites of schools. In turn, employees of Bryanskenergo will continue the practice of conducting master classes in refresher courses for teachers.

Summing up the results of the round table, the participants noted the effectiveness of such a format and expressed confidence that together they can reduce the risks of injury to third parties at power facilities.

According to Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division director Roman Stefanov, one of the objectives of the roundtable is to establish interaction of the branch with the executive authorities of the Bryansk region in preventive work on electrical safety among children. Cooperative awareness work will help reduce risk of injury at electric grid facilities.

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